Unicorn Macarons That Are Too Magical to be Eaten

The latest dessert trend to hit the Internet combines everyone’s favourite magical creature and France’s most famous pastry. That’s right, unicorn macarons are a thing now. Get ready to squeal and salivate at the same time.


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Chewy shells, creamy fillings and a sprinkle of rainbow pebbles take you straight to macaron wonderland.

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No ice cream cones will ever be as enchanting as those with unicorns on it.

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You are a lucky girl Ryanne.

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Flowers and unicorns are the way to any lady’s heart.

Mommy and her babies.

“What highlighter is the macaron using?” a makeup addict may ask.

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Rainbows and unicorns belong together.

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Never wake these sleeping unicorns up.

Definitely emanating hearts while looking at these.

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We would love to find unicorn macarons at the end of the rainbow!

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